Photo Gallery

 Jim helpsTia go in the water as an outward sign of her inward change!  VBS children prior to being cured of leprosy  Judy beautifies the wall!  The Ladies Worship during Christmas praise.  Cougie says, "Tell the people there I love them!"  Arlene says, "Hello!" To her Ford River family on 7/1 with Richard DesJardin and Pastor.  Len & Donna's camp is a special place the Lord has provided for weary souls!
 Conner takes a step forward in his faith Journey on 8/17/14  VBS 2014 Was A Success!  People here are so nice!  Eric B plays during Christmas praise service.  The House Of The Lord  Art Hinrickson, Jimmy Wellman, Dave Collins, and Dave Winkowitsch set the support beams for a new bunkhouse at Camp Elijah  Arlene says, "Hello Ford River Family!
 SELENA GRADUATES VBS!  VBS - 7/29/14  Alex enjoys an afternoon of riding at the Len/Donna campsite.  Eric G plays during Christmas praise service.  Samaritan Team tackles the playground safety requirements  Is Kid's 4 Truth all fun and games? Sorta!