Our Children's ministry is ably run by the affable, vivacious, and energetic Mrs. Nancy Levesque. Nancy brings a level of enthusiasm to the children's ministry that is uncommon. She's supported in her efforts by many volunteers for whom she supplies lessons, and crafts to underscore the theme of the day. On any given Sunday, those who rotate as teachers in our children's ministry come equipped with a heart for children, and the kids love to attend. Thematic lessons are taught, augmented by brief video clips, and take home representations of their work. We intentionally teach our children about the origins of life so that they have a reservoir of information to help them stand up to contrary teachings.


When I arrived as Pastor, 6 1⁄2 years ago, I purposed to not begin any new programs that did not organically develop as an expressed desire of the people. I had seen too many examples of church leader's who change things, seemingly, just to prove they were there. It's even worse when a politician does “something” for the same reason . 🙂 One day an Elder approached me and said, “Pastor, we need a prayer meeting!” He explained how he liked the direction that the church was heading in, but felt in order to keep things moving in the right direction prayer must be at the center of it all. Thus was born the Thursday night prayer meeting. A handful of us meet at 6pm each Thursday for an hour of prayer. It is that sweet hour of prayer, as the songwriter said, “that calls me from a world of care!” Won't you join us?


Our women's ministry enjoys getting together for bible studies, encouraging each other, gathering every 4th Saturday for the “Women on Fire for God” prayer breakfast, and providing hospitality for special events. This year, starting with Saturday the 25th of January, the ladies will begin looking at 12 extraordinary women in scripture as part of the prayer breakfast teaching time. The “Women on Fire for God” prayer breakfast is hosted by the Pastor. A meal is provided, in addition to the substantive devotional thought, followed by a time of prayer for our families, rulers, and all that are in authority. Also, the women of our church put on meals for weddings, funerals, holidays, and our annual community Pig Roast. You haven't been served till our ladies have served you! 😉 Check the calendar in this website for exact dates.


Our men are engaged in heavy labor work projects, encouraging each other, participating in our 1st Responder program, and gathering on the 3rd Saturday each month for “The Mighty Men of God” prayer breakfast. Because we have a building to maintain there are 2-3 work bees each year where the men perform repairs and property improvements are made. The 1st Responder program has been a smash hit. Those men who have agreed to be on the call list receive a robo call  announcing a need. These men get involved in small projects at the homes of members and non members alike. It has given the congregation the freedom to ask for help, and those who perform the work a chance to show love to those inside and outside of the church family.